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AW: Mission (starting to be) accomplished

I booked the Flamingo Gazebo Chapel last night! And I am sending a check to Ron Miller this week. Two things off the checklist!

We have been engaged for a long time (like, over 2 years). First my parents separated and divorced and so we slowed things down. Then my sister got married this past summer and I had to give my dad's side some down time because they have to travel from out of the country. But I've been casually looking at wedding stuff all the while and even visited some venues in my home town. So to actually be booking something feels incredibly surreal!

I'm excited for the Gazebo area, but I am just over the moon over Ron Miller. The package we're getting is a good $1K over what I'd hoped to spend on photography, but the only photog I could be more happy about would be Chelsea Nicole, and I'm not prepared to double my photography budget! :)

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