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Engagement shoot...what to wear?

We are going to have a mini engagement shoot while visiting Florida. Some photos will be taken on the beach, others in a wooded park area. Can anyone give me some outfit suggestions for each setting?

Re: Engagement shoot...what to wear?

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    I have no idea. I never did an engagement shoot & was actually thinking about what would I even wear?

    Look at other peoples engagement photos on photography sites. Maybe you'll get an idea if you find ones that were shot in places similar to your own! Good luck! :)
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    I work as a second shooter for Zotz Photography out of Burlington, Iowa. I know Sara Zotz makes great recommendations to her engagement couples based on where the engagement shoot will be taking place. She knows what to expect based on where she is going. My best advice is to talk to your photographer for their advice.

    And most importantly be yourself! My FI and I have already discussed some possible options for us. We are tshirts and jeans kinda people so we want our engagement pics to reflect us. We will probably do a few in our "Sunday Best" but the majority will be us being comfortable being us.
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    My fiance and I actually are doing a vintage themed wedding, so we got little outfits for our engagement shoot.

    Me being "myself" is usually me being dressed up in different "looks". I loved the way the pictures came out though, and my fiance and i both had a lot of fun.

    I bought a vintage wedding dress off of ebay, and then I made the vintage lace cap from some fabric I bought at Michaels. We also brought along some props, which were a LOT of fun to incorporate into each shot.

    The pictures were taken by a wonderful photographer named Jhovany Quiroz (, and for anyone in the Southern California/Los Angeles area, I'd highly recommend him. Every review I've seen of him is 5 stars, and I haven't been able to stop saying good things about him since I got my engagement photos. I love the way they came out so much, and a lot of it had to do with the photographer. He was AMAZING,  easy to work with, and extremely professional.

    Either way, I think you should really consider maybe doing something fun for your engagement photo shoot. Consider something like balloons (nothing tacky, but if you use some of the beautiful large round ones, they can actually look very chic and elegant), cute hats, or an umbrella.

    My fiance and I are actually taking some more engagement photos in a month. This time, I'm wearing a red and white striped vintage dress with red-heart sunglasses, and I'm bringing with me a large round red balloon with white polka dots. We're shooting the images at Santa Monica Pier with the same photographer (we're addicted to his work).
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    I have a head shot post on my blog,, this might help a little..  As far as engagement pics. you should wear a cute bikini top under a loose gauzy blouse and skirt or shorts, or jeans rolled up and t shirt,tank. or cute strapless dress.

    For woods, wear a dress or whatever your style is.. It is a pain, but it really makes your photos look different with a change of clothing and scenery..  Maximize your session!!   If you want to talk more  contact me on Facebook..  I have a lot of engagment sessions on FB, look at them and see their clothes.

    The most important stuff- wear clothes that fit, watch muffin tops, if you are wearing black, wear a black bra.. if your bra shows, make sure it's cute.  Iron your clothes, even t shirts.. If your hair is straight, bring a comb and keep stray hairs out of your eyes and from sticking to your lip gloss because of course, Bring Your Lipgloss LOL.  Have fun! 

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