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I am thinking about favor ideas for our guest. Most will be from out of town so I'd like to do something that says "Texas". If I could, Arlington. I have thought about BBQ Rub, Salsa, BBQ Sauce. I also thought about something like a cookie, praline, or brownie that is 3 times the normal size with a tag that says everythings bigger in Texas. No matter what the item is, it will go in a box with a ribbon. So Dr.Pepper is out. TIA.

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    To me, those ideas sound great.  I'd just pick one and go with it.

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    How about cookies in the shape of Texas in cello bags with a cute tag?

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    Your ideas sound great to me.

    Bluebonnet seeds are Texas-y and maybe you could get the package personalized for your wedding.  

    Maybe something with a Texas star?
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    I like the cookie idea.  Edible favors are always the best.

    I had Lamm's Texas pralines in my OOT boxes.  They were a big hit.  They came 2 pralines to a box.  They were $3 a box though, although if you need alot of them, maybe you could get a deal.  You could also split the boxes and put 1 praline in your own boxes.  But they are small so that's probably not what you are wanting.

    I say do the cookies.
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    Cacti would be cool! Don't know the logistics but I think it's neat hehe

    edible is always preferable :p

    Pendery's is a cool place to look...Don't know how much you want to spend but they have some interesting rubs and spices and they also have a cookie cutter in the shape of Texas.


    Your ideas are great as well!
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    Don't have anything new to add,  but I wanted to throw my vote in for edible.  Always edible.  I like the cookie idea (it will also probably be the most cost effective).
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    I to vote edible. I think the larger then normal cookies would be cute, and would be really inexpensive if you decide to DIY them.
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