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OC Rentals- need help!

The venue I am hoping to have my March 2014 wedding (in huntington beach) at requires you to rent everything yourself, including tables, chairs, flatware, dance floor, lighting etc.

Does anyone know an inexpensive rental store that also does set up and take down?
I have been going through all the different rental places but thought it'd be easier if someone has a good recommendation. Thanks! :)

Re: OC Rentals- need help!

  • You could try Baker Party Rentals (LINK) They set up/take down tables and chairs for an extra cost. But they don't do linens and china.

    Signtature Party Rentals (LINK) will deliver if you meet the minimum order. They set up things like tables for no charge, but charge for chairs. They don't do linens or china. I'm not sure about take down.

    I don't have much experience with this since my venue rents them for us through a company and then handles the set up and take down.


  • Ok thank you!
  • Check out HAZ Rentals in Fullerton.  I'm not sure of their exact policies, but they're great to work with.  Hope that helps!
  • I'm looking at doing catering with Summit Events, and they included rentals of tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, glassware, etc. in my quote for catering. I suggest contacting Pam. She's been awesome to work with - just let her know what your budget is and she'll go the extra mile to work with you. [email protected]
  • Is your venue providing food or do you have to ifnd a caterer as well? Caterers should be able to do most rentals for you.
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