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We buried Grandpa today.

The memorial service was good. Well, considering. I managed to get through it with minimal crying, at least. The usual stuff - eulogy, memories, songs, prayers,  a forever-long receiving line, goodbyes. Some of the ladies from the church had cookies, punch, and coffee set out in the fellowship hall, and we talked a little more there, making plans for getting to Turkey Creek with the ashes.

Drove up with the family to the church graveyard where Grandma's ashes are buried, between her parents' graves. More memories, more tears. Some irreverent jokes and laughter. My uncle borrowed a vase from a neighboring grave to dig a hole and buried the ashes there (yes, he put it back). Spent a little more time with my great-aunt and her daughter, who live right next door to the church, and then headed home.

We couldn't place the memorial stone there because *technically* they're not buried there (ashes don't count or something), so we're keeping the stone at my house.

So. I'm... here. Grandpa's gone, and I'm sad for that.
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Re: We buried Grandpa today.

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    Memorial services and funerals are really a good thing.  Of course they're sad, but it really helps to know that you've honored a loved one and properly said goodbye.  I hope you felt that and felt the support of those around you.

    I felt a little better after my mom's memorial.  Unfortunately my dad has not yet been able to deal with dispersing the ashes.  It hangs over me, and I think when that's done, I will again feel better.

    I want to tell you that "this, too, shall pass," but here I am 7 months later and I can't say things are back to normal.  But it gets less intense, there are fewer sleepless nights, and I can enjoy things again.

    Take care!
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    I am so sorry Beloved. It sounds like it was a nice memorial to honor your Grandfather though, which I am sure helps. Like Tem said, the service is a good thing and I hope that in time your family finds peace.

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    I'm glad your Granpa had a good memorial.  It's a point of closure for all of your family.  May peace prosper always

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