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How did you choose your hair and MUA? (XP)

I am having a hard time choosing a hair and makeup artist?  I have viewwed several portfolios online and read reviews of course, but it is so difficult to pick when multiple artists get great reviews and have interesting portfolios.  I can't afford to do multiple trials (though I will have a trial with whoever I pick), so how do I know I really found the best hair and MUA for me?  How did you guys decide who to go with?  I haven't been to any recent weddings in the area so I can't get first hand recommendations.

Re: How did you choose your hair and MUA? (XP)

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    My hair will be done at the salon that I always go to for regular cuts/colors. 

    Sorry, but I can't help you with much with MUA because one of my BM is doing mine.  She's a Sephora Pro Artist :)

    You could try going to your favorite dept store/makeup counter and seeing if they do wedding makeup?

    ETA: you could also try posting on your city board, I'm sure someone else from NY would be able to give you a recommendation.
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  • I am using a MUA and hair stylist reccomended by my wedding planner. Did trials with both! I would suggest using someone who your friends/family has used in the past if you're not sure just based on pictures and online portfolios. Good luck!
  • I actually just booked mine today.  I am using someone a good friend used for her wedding.  I also checked out prices and their pictures.  I jsut saw this post on the Boston board.  I would deff check out Verde Salon and Special Event Beauty.  Verde is who I am using and they are located in Braintree.  SEB was my other choice and they are located in Bridgewater.
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    I got recs for a MUA through my local board. I had her do my makeup for my e-pics as a trial and then booked her on the spot. 

    My hair stylist has been doing my hair for 18 years so that was easy for me.

  • I googled and there were only 3 hairstylists in the small town we are getting married, this guy has 30 years of wedding hair experience and I absolutely loved him after my trial.  I had him hunt me down a makeup artist and I am hoping to do a trial with her soon (though my mom thinks I am nuts for wanting to do a trial...*sigh*)

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