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Do Not order from this Etsy Vendor

Looks like my money will not be returned and I will not get the robe I ordered. She changed her vendor name probably trying to escape all the negative feedback she received.

Feeling really bummed. I ordered from 9 Etsy vendors and all with great success except this one, I guess you can't win them all.
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Do Not order from this Etsy Vendor

  • That is awful.  How is she still able to be on Etsy (name change or not) with all those negative comments?  Sorry you may have lost your money.  Did you pay by Paypal?  Maybe you could get reimbursed through their dispute/nonperformance policy. 

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  • Seems like she had a good streak going for a while (i.e. positive feedback). Maybe she got greedy and took way more orders than she can handle. Hope you are able to get your money back!
  • I'm sorry this happened is it too late to dispute with your credit card?


  • OMG I ordered a robe from her in February and I have heard nothing smh....
  • Awww Carla, I'm so sorry this happened.  I'm with pp, can you cancel through your credit card or through paypal?
  • I called and disputed it just now
  • I really hope you can get your money back, those robes can be pricey. And thanks for letting us know about this particular Etsy vendor.  I wish I knew her new vendor name so I can be sure to avoid this lady.
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  • I am sorry! Looks like alot of unhappy people! Even if there was a death, she sould have closed up shop and completed/refunded the orders she had at that point. I hope you get your money back. 
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  • Hi...unfortunately this Shop has reopened under another name. Hopefully you can get your money back or get her shut down before she steals from other brides:
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