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January wedding

Does anyone know of a website that will provide you with the history of average snowfall on days in January? I'm planning on getting married in Jan 2012, and I would like to pick a day that typically has a nice blanket of snow, it would look so pretty in the pictures! Of course not a snowstorm or anything, but I've been looking and I can't find anything! I live in MA. I know it wouldn't be exact but it would be nice to see the averge trends in the past 50 years or so.

Re: January wedding

  • Cat24Cat24 member
    Have you tried a farmers almanac?
  • Kate504Kate504 member
    you can also google weather for the city and you can get sites with history of the weather of that city for each month/year
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  • Farmer's Almanac definitely works. When we were getting married one of the brides in my local board bought it and started a thread where all the brides asked her about their date for the year and she posted descriptions for them that way. Mine was pretty acurate, so we were well prepared!
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