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Are you a Mac or PC person?  Why?
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    I have become a MAC recently (actually when wedding planning came aroundWink) So yeah MAC all the way!

    I had a PC for many yrs and they way I see it now is...yes you may pay less as a sticker price for a PC initially  but in the long run it comes out to be  A LOT MORE $$$$ than a Mac. You have to keep renewing Anti-viruses every year which are VERY expensive and then sometimes Anti-viruses don't even work and you still end up with viruses that then you have to take to the geek-squad or PC repair place and have them removed which will cost you a pretty penny. Which with a MAC NEVER EVER will you need to be renewing an Anti-virus! That's like a total Score to me!

    What actually got my attention was when wedding planning came for PC u HAVE to buy the programs to design  the most simplest things and for MAC... Pages (which is like Word for PC) I ended up creating ALL of my wedding paper products. Which now I'm creating Birthday stuff for DH's niece!

    Also another plus for a MAC they have stores everywhere you so go u r having a little OR BIG problem, something popped up and you have no clue what it is...take it to the Genius Bar and you are physically dealing with someone. PC you call this 1-800 # u r dealing with a foreign person you barely understand what they are trying to tell you and after 3 hrs you still haven't figured out what the heck is wrong with your PC!

    So after that incident I decided to save $$$ and buy me  a MAC and said good-bye to my PC and have never looked back Wink
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    PC... I've just mostly worked with PCs.  However, the airbooks are really cool!
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    Its funny that you ask must have seen that question on

    But I am a PC person and thats because that is all that I have had...I do want a Macbook yea...until then I am Team
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    I've only owned PCs thusfar, but I've worked on Macs, too, and my husband owns a macbook. (In high school we had a PC lab and a Mac lab - our Macs were those brightly colored iMac desktops!) PCs are intuitive to me because I've used them more, but I wouldn't mind getting a Mac for my next computer.
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    MAC! i grew up with Macs but then went to PC in my teenage  years and now I'm back to MAC! They are simple and way better.

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    I'm a Mac person and DH and I have converted both of our parents to Macs too.  I love that Macs don't get viruses and everything is on it when you purchase it.  No extra things to buy.  Oh and the automatic updating, genius.  
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