New Oahu Bride - location suggestions :)

Hi Everyone!

I am new to the boards and honestly super overwhelmed with planning a wedding. I actually thought I would never get married!

My fiance and I decided on Hawaii as its halfway between our two home towns New York and Melbourne Australia. I have been to Hawaii several times and love it! We have decided on May next year.

Are there any recommendations that anyone has on locations? We are leaning more towards a private estate just as the hotels tend to seem pretty open and not private and my best friend got married in Halekulani so I want something different. I really want something oceanfront, I have looked at the estates advertised on here but was wondering has anyone rented a property before?

Thanks I apprecaite any help! :)


Re: New Oahu Bride - location suggestions :)

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    I'm an oahu bride too and am renting a private estate I found on vrbo.com, the owner would rather it be for smaller wedding parties but we're ending up with 30 people. I have a pic in my bio. The beginning is really overwhelming and can get frustrating but you've come to the right place, everyone here is really helpful. Here's some options I came across in my research (in no particular order):

    Bayer estate
    Kualoa Ranch
    Paradise cove
    Oasis world estates
    Ke Iki Beach Bungalows on the north shore
    Loulu palms estate

    Happy Planning and if you think of more questions, feel free to ask, there's some old knotties that have great info in their bios as well.

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    Congratulations! Where in NYC are you? We're here too.

    How big of a wedding are you having? That can help with the type of location. We had ours at Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute (which is oceanfront). It has 2 phases and holds up to ~500 people per phase. You rent the location and bring in everything else (caterers, tents, drinks, utensils, etc).
    For a smaller wedding, there's the Bayer Estate (holds up to 60 people) but is also oceanfront. There are also privates estates that you can rent (similar to Bayer) that are gorgeous as well.

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    Thank you both, much appreciated! I will check out those places (I think I have inquired at every hotel in Oahu by now. hehe). Our wedding is going to be small - 20-30 guests so one of the smaller estates will work!

    @caiandcullen, we are in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, how about you?

    @sparklegirl84, will take a look at vrbo.com thank you! are you getting a planner or co-ordinating yourself?
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    I'm doing it all myself - I might be crazy but I'm just too frugal and don't wanna spend my money on it. I am paying for a friends flight though and having her be my day of coordinator and take care of everything on the wedding day. If you email home owners you might want to leave out the word "wedding" some of them seem to jack up the price or straight up refuse to accomadate weddings, they seem more accepting of "family reunions". If you're looking for an easy wedding, i'd go with a hotel package...if you don't mind hiring a coordinator or doing the work yourself then an estate would work.
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    [QUOTE] @caiandcullen, we are in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, how about you? Posted by loznyc[/QUOTE]
    We live in Murray Hill! <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/scripts/tinymce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />
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