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Vendor Reviews

Marybeth Clouser- Photographer- A+++++
Marybeth was more than a pleasure to work with, she makes you feel at ease and really like you've been friends forever.  She is funny and captures the most amazing photos, her eye is golden!  She was just starting her business earlier this year when I booked her and I know I struck gold there.  Check out her website at Marybethclouser.com

Simply Cakes By Dana- Cake- A+
The cake was magnificent!  The greatest part was she charged a flat per slice rate for all of her cakes and didn't charge any extra for the details that other bakers nickel and dime you for.  The cake was buttercream and it was fantastic.  She has a lot of flavors to choose from and the Strawberry Chocolate Chip was a hit!  She charges way less than the other cake vendors in this area and the cakes look better ($2/slice!).  Check her cakes out at Simplycakesbydana.com

Looking Glass Salon & Spa- hair and makeup- A+
These ladies know what they are doing.  Their salon is beautifully renovated out of an old house in downtown New Albany and they are so easy to get along with.  I chose them after price comparing around the entire area and they had the best rates.  They reserved our spot the morning of the wedding so that we had free reign of the entire salon.  They provided refreshments and had big fluffy couches if we so desired to rest while we waited for our turn.  They styled our hair with ease!  There were 4 adults and 2 children getting their hair and makeup done (they threw in a complimentary glittering for the kids).  I could not be happier I chose them on such an important day!

Adkins Island DJs- A+
Brandon was a pleasure to work with.  He was quick to respond to me during the entire pre-wedding planning process whenever I had questions.  He played what I asked and made sure that he played my special requests when he knew I was paying attention.  He had a way of feeling the vibe from the crowd to determine what type of song to play next.  I had given him a schedule ahead of time of about when I wanted things announced/done, but when things got a little chaotic and off schedule, it was easy just to give him a nod to say when we were ready for something and he came through every time.

Seelbach Hilton- Ceremony- A+
The Rathskeller room was absolutely gorgeous.  Kristina, my Seelbach contact, was adorable with a bubbly personality and so easy to get along with.  She knew exactly what I was looking for and offered me reassurance through the whole planning process.  The room was beautiful for the ceremony and everything was absolutely perfect!

Patrick O-Sheas- Reception- D
Well, they absolutely almost ruined my reception.  We were supposed to have rented the entire floor, but when my guests arrived the general public were sitting at my tables and surrounding my bar so that my guests couldn't sit or get drinks.  To top it off, another party had been booked for the same time in the same room, so we were roped off to only half of the room.  It was really a nightmare.
That being said, the manager I worked with and booked through, Angie, was wonderful.  She offered great information and didn't beat around the bush about any of my questions.  She understood my vision and was ready to help with everything on the day of, including setting up all of our decorations and cutting the cake.  It was a mistake that anything went wrong, another manager had booked the other party without clearing it with her, and the hosts downstairs kept sending the public up because they were really busy and had run out of room downstairs, even though they were told not to.
After my entire family got into it with the owner, I think they felt really bad and tried their hardest to make it up to us.  They weren't going to make us pay anything for the reception, they gave us a bottle of wine as a gift, I had opened a bar tab for the wedding party and they waived that, and we were also treated like gold for the rest of the night by the entire staff.  Once I let go of the stress I had a great time and I am still in love with the place, its such an eclectic atmosphere.  If you like brick walls, characteristic details and a lofty/pub feel, it might be worth looking into.  Just verify that there are no other parties booked that night with ALL managers.

Re: Vendor Reviews

  • inkygirlinkygirl member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the reviews.  Sorry that your reception went so horribly!  I'm glad that you were able to let go and enjoy it though!
  • tseaytseay member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the reviews!! I almost went with MaryBeth. From what I could see she seemed very nice and professional. I ended up going with someone else, but she was definitely a very strong runner up and I recently had a friend who got married and she came highly recommended!
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks for your reviews!  I'm meeting with MaryBeth tomorrow night and am planning on booking her.  I found her from your reviews, so thank you for sharing such an awesome photog!
  • edited December 2011
    @amanda2183:  That is so great to hear!  She is just so awesome I think she deserves the world and any little part I can play I will.  Rest assured, you won't be disappointed!
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