Non LDS bride looking for an alcohol-friendly venue!!!

Hello fellow Utah residents,

I was hoping someone could PLEASE help me find a wedding venue in Salt Lake City, or even more NORTH towards Ogden and Layton.  My fiance is in the military, and we're both new to Utah.  We're not affiliated with any religion, and I've found many Utah venues are very, very LDS specific.  We really just want an outdoor venue that will cater to OUR needs.  We want to have a bar, and we'd love to bring in our own alcohol, but Utah has strict liqour laws.  We need a place where we can party it up from about 4pm-midnight.  :)  AND, we're on a tight budget since we're a military family.  Neither of us want something too fancy or stuffy.  We'd love a garden wedding that just has a buffet style dinner, open bar, and somewhere to dance the night away.  If anyone has a CLUE where to go that's affordable and friendly to the NON LDS, please, PLEASE let us know.  We're sort of getting desperate.

Thanks!!  :)

Liz and Joey 

Re: Non LDS bride looking for an alcohol-friendly venue!!!

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    Hi Liz!  Congratulations, and when is the wedding?  We were in a similar predicament when hunting for our venue.  My fiance isn't in the military, but is getting his PhD, so we know what that budget crunch feels like.  The venue we found and fell in love with is Memorial House in Memory Grove.  While they usually require you to use their preferred vendor list, for $200, we brought in our  own caterer with their own liquor license which enabled us to buy the wine and beer ourselves!  My cousin also had a gorgeous wedding at Canturbury place in Bountiful.  They brought in their own alcohol, but they were required to use the florist, caterer and cake baker that the venue recommended.  If you need some budget friendly ideas on other things, please let me know.  I did TONS of research on dj's, photographers, and caterers, and I'd be happy to help if I can!


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    Look at Ivy Lane Reception Center, its in Ogden, on 25th street just before Harrison Blvd. Really pretty mansion. Have different packages to choose from. Can be all inclusive with flowers, cake, etc. check out ivylaneweddings.com. When is your date?
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    When I was looking I found a few places that will allow you to bring in your own alcohol

    Check out
    Rose Sach Gardens
    Tuscany Gardens

    However it does have to be purchase at the state liqour store. Also, Utah just passed a law where wedding venue's will be required to get their own liqour license. I am not sure when that goes into effect but it might be a factor for you.

    Growing up I had several relatives who were married in Utah. They all were married on private properites for day use picnic sites. My family lived in Wyoming and I can remember bringing them kegs over from Wyoming (this is totally illegal) but... if you don't want to spend a ton of money on overpriced alcohol at the state liqour store... its a thought :)
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    Something you may want to keep in mind, is if you have the ability to shop early, you can always try and look for deals at the liquor store and then just store them until the wedding.  I always look for the wine ratings, and personally, I think anything above 85 tastes pretty good. You can usually find some really decent wines for fifteen dollars or less for large bottles if you're willing to take the time to look and you don't need to buy it all at once.
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    We are getting married at Apsen Landing on 6333 s Redwood Rd in Salt Lake City. They allow alcohol, it's $500 deposit with $250 refundable if there is no damage. It's a smaller venue, with 100 people seating up to 300 roaming. I love this place, and it's fairly affordable.
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