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Is anyone else doing a First Look?  FI and I will be doing one because of our tight timeline (pictures have to be done before the ceremony).  Where are you doing your first look?  We thought about doing it at our hotel, but we weren't even sure of a good place to do it there.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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    We're doing one!  Our photographer suggested it to get more pictures in our package.  He's done them plenty of times and has said he had many locations we can choose from at our ceremony site.  I'm so excited for it!
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    We aren't because FI vehemently refused to do it.  He's only been a stickler for a couple things and this was one of them.  He didn't want to see me until I was walking down the aisle.  But I could have gone either way.

    There is some nice greenery behind the Kellogg Center and I think there's a patio or something along those lines.  As long as another wedding isn't going on, you could certainly do it there.  Or there are some great spots by the chapel as well if you wanted to be closer to the chapel.  The flowers should be planted at the chapel and that would be pretty or with the Red Cedar in the background.
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    Yes we are. We will probably go downtown somewhere for it. I've talked to our photographer about this already....she suggested we do our WP photos off site, which I think sounds really cool. Anyway, we will go downtown. As it gets closer, I'll talk to her about ideas on specific locations. Ask your photographer, he/she should have really good ideas about locations.
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    I'll check into the space behind the Kellogg Center.  I wasn't aware that there was a nice outdoor area behind it.  Thanks!
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    I've actually been thinking about doing it in the church as we will be there to get ready and do pictures anyway- having him sit in the front pew and actually be able to come down the aisle so it is somewhat traditional. Not as scenic as it could be but I liked the idea
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    I'm a photographer and I think that this is a really cute idea. Your photographer will be able to catch the tradtional setting and put a modern edge on it. You might want to have him standing in the front with his back to you. If you do that... have him stand off a little bit to the right of the aisle (just barely).

    Very cute... have fun with that!
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