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My Wedding was 8/21/10 and I had the most amazing day! If you want more info on any of these vendors just let me know!

Tracy Slack and Assoc - Wedding Coordinator - A+ Couldn't have done it without her and her crew!

Soiree- Caterer- A+ The Food was AMAZING! Beef tenderloin and Pecan Crusted Tilapia was insanely good!

Chuck Milne- Florist- A++! He took my vision and made it even better then I could have imagined!

Sugar Plum Visions- Baker- A+ After a disaster with our original baker I was so thankful to have switched to them! My cake was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! It tasted amazing too

WOW Photobooth - A+ Absolutely wonderful service! This was a huge hit! The book that was made was hilarious and my favorite thing I left the wedding with! This is totally worth every penny!

Lethal Rhythms -DJ- Dereck- A the DJ was good and he did exactly what I told him to, Kept everyone out on the dance floor! Only improvement would be a little better MC.

Belle Terra- Venue- A This is an absolutely gorgeous venue! There are still a few kinks that they're working out. I did have an August wedding and it was ridiculously hot. They worked with us on everything and they have an amazing manor that can be rented also.
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Re: Vendor Reviews Long PIP

  • TheCranberryTheCranberry member
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    Congrats on your wedding!  Thanks for the vendor recs.

    I'm glad to hear that WOW Photobooth turned out well.  I def want a photobooth, and I've seen their name on lots of vendor lists from venues.  Did you have to pay extra for the book?  Is it a book of all photos from the wedding?
  • jle625jle625 member
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    The book came with the package. People wrote advice or crazy notes in it and could design the page as they wanted. Not everyone put the pictures in the book, but they're online and we got a CD of all the pictures. you can go to and go under events and our is jessica and trace and the passwords hilburn821 if you want to check them out.
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  • TheCranberryTheCranberry member
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    Fun pics!  Thanks.  It looks like everyone had a good time.
  • kxhamiltonkxhamilton member
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    Thanks so much for the reviews! I've got about 10 photobooth quotes, so the extra recommendation is extremely helpful!
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    Thanks for the reviews!!
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