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Monday Morning!!

Good Monday morning ladies!!  How was your weekend?  What did everyone do?  Any big plans for tonight/this week?

My hair trial, final fitting, AND bachelorette party were all on Saturday - it was SO much fun and I'm a bit sad it's all over!!  It was my last big weekend before the now we wait :)  Tonight I am going to try to convince FI to go to the mall to return some stuff and go clothes shopping (a huge feat in itself - he hates clothes shopping).

We binge ate pizza and then this incredible nutella/pizza crust dessert last night and I seriously put on 6 lbs in 1 day.  Obviously I know it isn't legitimate weight but DANG.  So now I'm detoxing for a few days hahah.  It was SO worth it though!!
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Re: Monday Morning!!

  • You had a busy weekend, alois! 

    We went to an off-road park to ride motorcycles Saturday.  It was fun, but I fell and took a handlebar to the boob - now I have a very dark purple bruise.  Next item on my gear shopping list is a chest protector.

    Yesterday was a hike, football, and beef stew.  Leftovers for lunch; yum.
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  • Dang Les that sounds SO painful!!  Hopefully you feel better soon :)

    Edie, I'll have to post pics later, I don't have any on my phone.  We did games and stuff at my friend's house and then dressed up for Halloween and hit the bars.  My friend and I were loofas....the costumes were a total hit :)  It was such a great night....I have some ridiculously awesome ladies in my life!!!
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    [QUOTE]Good morning.  Is it Friday yet?
    Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE] :(  I'm dying a little inside.
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  • Morning Ladies!

    I finished all my wedding favors this morning- substituted mini peppermint patties for kisses because I was NOT driving 30 mins to another sams for kisses!

    Relaxed yesterday- it was amazing!

    Only two more work days after today!!! yay :)
  • I just did Schedule 6.0 and have recess duty in a few minutes. First day the kid who got suspended for fighting is back. Should be interesting ...

    Holding my breath about the job. I'm going to be seriously unhappy if I don't get an interview, and FI actually said that if I didn't maybe we should consider a move back to the island next year. At the very least, I'm considering going back to work at the college (even though the spring breaks didn't match up).

    Hope the weather isn't too awful, Edie. We're having an awesome fall so far - way warmer than last year.
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  • Good morning. The weekend was good, very low key.  I'm home from school (work) today b.c of the hurricane.  It's windy and misty rain here at the moment.  
  • Just got word that they're not interviewing for the job yet. Temper tantrum guy might be getting his job back.

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  • Sorry about the job, Jenny.  You would think they would want to count their blessings that he quit but apparently not.  Hopefully they are just taking a while with the interview process and the idea that me might be getting the job back is just a rumor.  

    Morning all.  H and I had a fantastic weekend away (despite the car ride there).  Being back at work sucks.  I have so much to get done before going out of town next week it isn't even funny.  Hopefully it all comes together.

    Tonight my uncle is coming over to look at our back porch to give us an estimate for the renovation.  I'm hoping everything is in budget and we can get it done for a reasonable amount.  I know he will give us an honest estimate so now we just hope it's what we think it will be!  I've also got to get Millie to the vet for therapy and at some point find time to go vote.  It's going to be a busy day.
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  • Next week is when I will be in Denver for a work conference, jcb.

    I hope you guys figure our what's wrong with your Millie (funny they have the same name).  It has to be tough not knowing.

    When we did a rough estimate ourselves, H over estimated the materials cost quite a bit (in some cases - like flooring - he doubled it).  I think the most expensive thing will be the french doors we're going to have put in.  We would like three sets and I know those get pretty pricey.  We will definitely be preparing to spend more than the estimate JIC though.
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  • Morning.

    i just got back from a math exam.  It was meh.  I might have done well.  That prof is a tricky bastard though.  Lots of trick questions.

    I'm car shopping online today.  It might be time to retire the old girl and move into the new millennia.  ;)   Maybe some nice teenager with mechanical inclinations would like a shop car and I can make a few dollars.
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    [QUOTE]Oh, I love french doors!  We couldn't do real french doors b/c it would eat up too much floor space (when they were open) so we ended up doing french sliders.   Are you adding on to the house or renovating a room? <strong>I swear, a house is never done.</strong>
    Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE]

    <div>The bolded so so so freaking true.  We're also in the process of renovating our laundry room but we are DIYing that.</div><div>
    </div><div>For the big project I'm talking about we're making our back porch (which currently has three walls so we only need to add one) a sort of sun room, so it's indoor space.  The french doors will span basically the entire new wall, minus one foot on each side.  Then we're going to move the dogs out of our study (which is where they are right now) and into that room, and then we're going to have a closet built into the study so it can be considered as a fourth bedroom.  I'm not sure about real estate rules in other states, but in FL, in order for it to be considered a bedroom is has a to have a closet.</div><div>
    </div><div>Anna, ooooh new car!  What cars are you looking at?</div>
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  • I hope you can figure out what's wrong with your pup, jcb. The tests and waiting are the suck. It was so frustrating trying to figure out what was wrong with Whisky before he was diagnosed.

    Shay, it was a good weekend except for the game, right? :)
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Monday Morning!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I hope you can figure out what's wrong with your pup, jcb. The tests and waiting are the suck. It was so frustrating trying to figure out what was wrong with Whisky before he was diagnosed. Shay, it was a good weekend except for the game, right? :)
    Posted by Seshat411[/QUOTE]

    <div>ohmymothereffinggosh do not mention the event that shall not be named.  I totally blocked that hot mess out and forgot about it.  I wouldn't let H turn on ESPN at all Saturday night or Sunday ha ha.  I seriously have no idea what else happened in college football this weekend lol.  I was just floored by how poorly we played.  I mean, the offense just looked terrible.  What's so stupid is, this game gets such hype, no matter how crappy GA is, it's always a tough one to win.  Blah. But in all kinds of weather... </div>
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  • Shay, I need something that'll hold up to driving offroad for when I've gotta work the farm and that's really good in heavy snow.  So I'll probably start by just looking at newer blazers and such since I'm not a fan of big trucks (hard to find good parking)  .  i have decided that I want a red one this time.  I won't buy new because I just can't validate the cost when I know I'll be mucking it  through pastures come spring and likely bumping a few cows with it  ;)
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