Bridesmaids Gifts

What are you getting your bridesmaids?

I have thought about jewerly, clutches, paying for hair. Are you doing anything unique?

Re: Bridesmaids Gifts

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    I made them each a tote (got VP ones free and then painted them)
    a few fillers
    coach purse (that I got at the outlet mall)

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    I bought them each a purse, bath and body works sets, pearl necklaces and earrings, glasses with our monnograms, and we might buy them Starbucks gift cards as well.
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    Each of my girls are getting something different. So far I have decided:

    BM #1: Hardcover Copy of The Princess Bride (our Favorite move growing up), and a Briefcase (she Just got into Law School yay, I'm so proud!).
    BM #2. Wine tote filled with wine and all of it's accessories, plus a gift card to Starbucks.
    BM #3. A gift card to Hobby Lobby, and a Craft caddy to keep all her craft supplies in.
    BM #4. Gift card to Victoria Secret (and something else I haven't decided yet).
    BM #5. Gift card to Barnes & Noble, and and XBox controller with the chat pad.

    Plus I will be getting them all matching bracelets for the wedding.

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    I'm giving all my bridesmaids a manicure or a pedicure, their choice, the day before the wedding at a spa, and catering in some sandwiches and salads and margaritas. Then we all get some extra girl bonding time and get pampered!
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    I ordered this for my 2 girls - found it on Esty....

    They are picking their own LBDs for the wedding and I go them their jewellery.

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    I got each of my girls a Coach wristlet and am paying for their hair the day of. I am also taking my MOH to the opening day Brewers game and for a gift for hosting my showers, I am going to get her a massage or facial. I am still debating if I might do some sort of jewelry or not too.
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    i'm a die hard DIY-er so i'm thinking about making personalized totes (http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2009/11/21/diy-doily-canvas-bag/) and a chunky pearl necklace (http://psimadethis.com/post/3236973863/p-s-love-is-in-the-air-whether-you-heart) for each.  my maids are wearing blue dresses, so they'll probably get blue ribbon on their necklace, and my MOH is wearing a yellow dress, so yellow ribbon for her.
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    I got my girls flasks with their initials and getting them a bottle of their fav booze.  Necklace and earrings and a some bath and bodyworks stuff
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    my sister made our cake toppers out of sculpey, to look like us. she also made one for each of the members of the bridal party that were next to the cake on their respective sides. the bridal party got to take theirs home
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    I'm paying for most of their hair & makeup and I got their jewelry for the wedding.

    How much are you ladies spending? So far I'm spending/have spent at least 100/each.
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    I am having clutches made for each of the girls via etsy, plus I'm making them each a jewelry box to present the jewelry for the wedding, and a pair of flip flops (to wear if need be at the reception - for dancing!)

    It is about $100 per girl at this point.
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