Venue Help Train Station/Depot Venue Railroad Tracks??

Any ideas??? Im looking for a train station/depot venue or maybe a farm with railroad tracks. My theme is railroad and trains because my finace works for the railroad. Near atlanta or outside pretty much open to anything within 2 hours of atlanta and affordable under $2000. Not too big i only have 75-85 guests. I have looked at trolley barn too expensive $3500 and not near the tracks, 550 trackside in lawencville $3500 too expensive. A farm or barn near some tracks would be ideal. I just need the tracks in photographs and i am looking for the rustic look. I have pretty much scoured the internet for photographs with railroad tracks and im exhausted. Other states have what I want but I have to keep it in georgia. You would think altanta being the hub of the railroad would have saved some train stations but they didnt the only one is the georgia freight and it has no tracks near it. thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Venue Help Train Station/Depot Venue Railroad Tracks??

  • Check out the Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth, GA -- the Acworth Historic Downtown area is directly across the street from railroad tracks, including a little depot. They don't do a venue-only cost, but instead combine it with food, cake, decorations, DJ, etc., but it is WAY worth it.

    And Joanne has been great to work with so far!
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  • My venue is right on the other side of some railroad tracks...The Alexander House in McDonough. The just put a fence up, and the road is kind of busy, so getting pictures on the tracks might be difficult, but doable. There's no station...just the crossing. We actually have to time our ceremony between train passings! 
  • Check out Tyrone Depot -- it's got a train car (that you can use to serve food or have seating) and the train runs through the back!

    Also Palmetto just opened up their Train Depot (actual train depot from the 1800's) for events.  Train still runs through right next to it!

    Both 30  minutes south of downtown.
  • There's a restored train depot availible for rent in Byron GA
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