Montana Bachelorette Party

Hey there!! We are trying to figure out something fun to do for my bachelorette party. I have tried to do some research online but haven't found much information about good places to do a bachelorette party. Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks

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    Where are you having this party?
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    What city in Montana?
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    Have a Tasteful Treasures party...romance with all the girls, Melissa Banta [email protected]
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    [QUOTE]Have a Tasteful Treasures party...romance with all the girls, Melissa Banta [email protected]
    Posted by gburmeister[/QUOTE]

    If you are a vendor, you are not allowed to advertise on this board.

    And if you are not, those parties are not much fun for a B-party if your bride and her friends are prude.
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
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    I dont know what city. I am just looking in General in Montana for something fun to do. We are willing to go and find the fun. I dont think i would like the tasteful treasures party. Not because im prude, But because my family will be there and im more "PRIVATE" about that :)
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    For my sister-in-law's bachelorette party we went to Chico Hot Springs. Spent the day and night there (they usually have a live band on Friday and Saturday nights), and the next day went whitewater rafting.  It was something fun for her family and friends to do together that was a little more low-key and probably appropriate for what you're looking for.
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    I have went to a couple Bachelorette parties at Chico and they are a blast.  That is where I am having mine but I booked my rooms over a year ago and still did not get what I wanted but it will still be fun.  Good luck!!
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