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FI & I bought our wedding gifts

We decided to splurge on a new mattress for our 'wedding gift' for each other. We do not get married until October but I just couldn't wait any longer... Tomorrow our King Size Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme gets delivered... can't wait!!

**to many restful sleeps as husband & wife** Laughing

Re: FI & I bought our wedding gifts

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    Nice!! Now thats a good gift to each other - :)
    updated: 8/23 the wedding plan 60 in the mailimage 42 Bags are packedimage 18 Missing the funimage
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    Oh that is a great gift!
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    Awesome gift! H and I had a lot of restless nights until about a month ago when we purchased a King bed and mattress (we had a queen before). It was the best decision we've made!
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    Yes, sooo excited!! It's funny, I heard once that a married couple should never sleep in a King bed because they stop cuddling... But everytime we are in a hotel with a King bed we just love it!!Oh well, I am sure a mattress never came in between a marriage before.... It was just delivered this morning and I can't wait to go to bed tonight!! lol
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