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Jewish Weddings

2 Questions

1) On a ketubah do you include your grandparents' names after your parents (i.e. x ben y, a bat z?)  I am not at all fluent in Hebrew so I am going to have to trust the ketubah people to translate everything correctly.  Hopefully the rabbi can check their work!

2) If anyone is willing to share their wedding programs (ours will be a fairly traditional conservative wedding) it would be much appreciated as our wedding is in October and I want to get started on that project and I'm looking for ideas.  My email is [email protected]r.com.  Thanks!
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Re: 2 Questions

  • LBRM_NJLBRM_NJ member
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    1.  No, it's just your parents' names.
    2.  Sending it to you.  I had a traditional conservative wedding.
    The Knot lost my info, but, I've been married since 6/19/05!
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  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    just sent you my program.
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  • razdazzlerazdazzle member
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    Sent you mine, good luck
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    Agreed - just parents names.  Your rabbi will check everything out and if need be, will make the necessary changes, so I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Would any of you be willing to send me your programs as well? I've seen 2nd brides, but I might like to look at a few more before we finalize ours.

    caraellen79 @ yahoo

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    Sending my program to you 2.  Grandparents do not go on the Ketubah


    ps I'm kind of obsessed with our programs, so if anyone else is interested in seeing it let me know!
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    Just to be picky:  Ketubahs aren't written in Hebrew.  They're in Aramaic.  So don't worry, almost NO ONE is fluent in the language of the Ketubah!  The Ketubah is the bride's document, though, and it's meant for you, as an affirmation of your husband's commitments to you, so you should have someone explain to you what it says (or read an English translation).
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    parker - thanks! I'll go take a look for it.

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    Thank you all for your help.  I really appreciate it.  And zahava424, I realize it's in Aramaic and I've read the translation but I was just referring to our names at the bottom.  I don't think I could even write my name in Hebrew at this point (did not attend a high quality Hebrew school way back when)! 
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