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Tony Hoffer

...Booked on my wedding day. Wish I heard of him sooner. Photos are amazing!


Re: Tony Hoffer

  • Sorry he was booked. I'm using him and I was so excited that he was available on my date. Who else are you looking at?
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  • Hey! You have to be so excited; his work is absolutely stunning. If I didn't have my venue/date booked, I would consider changing! He's the best I've seen so far-- so unique. I just wrote him back to see if he does engagement sessions for couples whose weddings he doesn't shoot. Maybe I can use him for that.. we'll see. :-)

    I love how crisp the Hoffer photos are. There are a couple photos I definitely want-- one from the choir loft of the church where we're getting married and one from across a pond at my venue where there is a wood bridge covered with flowers... So, I've been paying attention to distance shots a lot. I've also been looking at who is creative with "group shots" because I have a big fam.

    I really haven't found anyone else that I love as much yet. :-( There's been a few whose style I liked, but then their long shots were blurry...

    I'd love suggestions! :-D

  • I'm actually almost positive that he'll do an engagement session even if he isn't doing the wedding... I've seen him mention it on the blog that he did an engagement shoot for a couple, but couldn't do the wedding.

    My sig picture is from our engagement session... I was so pleased with how they came out!

    The other photographers I liked were Jennifer Childress and Mike Landis. I'll be honest, I didn't love either of them quite as much as Tony, but if he wasn't available, I probably would have gone with one of them. Good luck with your search!
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  • That picture is fantastic! Love it.

    Heard back from Tony... it looks like his business is booming. Only engagement shoots with wedding. Double Bummer!

    thanks for the other suggestions! I'll check them out. :-)
  • We used LoRusso Studios and loved them --- I think their work is somewhat similar to Hoffer's and, to the extent their style is different, I think it's just as good but in it's own way. 
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  • Thank you both for sharing suggestions!!

    Lauren, I hadn't seen LoRusso. They are a contender. Any idea what price range their standard package runs?

  • lauren123455lauren123455 member
    edited August 2012
    I think they're in the $5000-6000 range for all day coverage, album and e-session might be included. 

    We LOVED working with them.  Here's a link to their blog post from my wedding: http://lorussostudios.com/loews-hotel-philadelphia-wedding/.  And, if you're interested in seeing a whole day's worth of their work, PM me and I can send you the link to my proofs.  I looked through a friend of mine's proofs before booking them to make sure I wasn't just loving the 10-20 images they post from each wedding. 
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  • Also try Jen Childress.  Her work is amazing!
  • look into Steve Saldana (Saldana Studios)
  • err i mean Studio Saldana
  • I just met with mkphoto last weekend.  I think we're going to book them, I'm super excited!

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  • Joy Moody is fabulous!
  • Thanks, guys, sending out feelers!
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