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need some help ladies.....

i was wondering where is a good place toget a good bra for my wedding dress (strapless) online would be prefferable seeing as i live in slower lower delaware and it takes a good 20 minutes to go anywhere...... it would be greatly appreciated and i would like the opinions seeing as i have no clue as to what a good one would be......

thanks again ladies!

Re: need some help ladies.....

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    Honestly, I would suggest making the trip up north and trying on bras in person.

    I never buy any of my bras online, even if I know my size, because I want to make sure it fits perfectly.  You never know about losing or gaining weight, and different manufacturers vary in sizing. 

    Especially for your wedding day, you want to make sure that your undergarments not only fit perfectly, but are comfy AND work appropriately with your dress- you don't want to buy something online, have it come in, only to find out that it peeps over the top of your bustline of your dress, or that it pokes you in the ribs every time you sit down.

    That being said, my suggestion is to come up to 202 to Bare Essentials.  They know their stuff, and specialize in bridal attire, honeymoon necessities (hehe), and plus size items and bathing suits (including bridal).  Their pricing is not bad; my plus size items cost a little less that VS, which is saying something.  They will not steer you the wrong way, this is what they do- and they make you feel extremely comfortable doing it.  My saleslady had me at ease from the moment I walked in.  And they are not about selling you the most expensive bra- they want to see you in the best undergarment for you and your dress.  I had to go there for a certain outfit I needed special stuff for, and in the end bought the middle option because it fit best with the dress; the saleslady worked to get the best fit, regardless of price.

    They don't have a website because their attitude about lingerie is my attitude; they want a personal relationship with their customers, and feel undergarments cannot be bought properly offline without trying them on.  I really feel that it's worth the trip up north for your wedding day undergarments.

    With all that being said, if you are set on buying online, check out Frederick's of Hollywood- they have bridal attire online.
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    MsBriarRose - did you take your dress into the store with you?
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    I haven't gotten my bridal undergarments yet; the dress I got my stuff for was another dress for an event I had to go to that had a weird neckline.  I plan on getting my undergarments closer to my date, right before my fittings.  I am trying to lose weight (I have lost 20 lbs, and have another 30 to go to reach my goal), and want to make sure the garments fit right with my weight loss.

    But I plan on taking my dress in with me, yes.  If you have questions about it all, you can always call them.  I believe they just expanded their store, which will help quite a bit.
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