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Salam brides!!

IMy name is Dana... Fh and I are both Lebanese- American.. and we are both muslim! My fh family is very religious, while mine is not that religious. We are staying true to culture with our wedding, but having a "religious" wedding is not really what we want. We have already done our Kateb Ketab or "Nikah" ceremony, therefore our wedding is just another celebration before we move in together. because I was born and raised here I am doing a traditonal American ceremony as well. now my problem is trying to find a dress that is stunning, but also modest.. and I am not in hijab so a dress that has short sleeves or anything that is not strapless will do. I live in Orlando, Florida.. so we dont have much options for nice dresses.. any ideas?

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Re: Salam!!

  • rsugeirrsugeir member
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    Don't rule out strapless dresses you can always add a bolero which is like a short "jacket".  You could get a lace one something that matches whatever dress you choose perfectly. 

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you, the only problem with that is I can never find the bolero jackets in the boutiques.

    its very difficult and really irritating.. lol!! any other ideas?
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    [QUOTE]Thank you, the only problem with that is I can never find the bolero jackets in the boutiques. its very difficult and really irritating.. lol!! any other ideas?
    Posted by Dana1123[/QUOTE]

    <div>You could always have one made.  I'm sure there are some seamstresses in Orlando.  Maybe your local board could be of some help for that. </div>
  • adrianagrandeadrianagrande member
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    I have an idea for you. I also had the same concerns when I got married as in my religion we use modest clothing. I suggest a search for LDS wedding dresses. You may find something that you like and they will all have some kind of sleeves (as to cover the shoulders). I wish you the best!

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    I understand where you're coming from. My husband and I are also Lebanese-American... well I'm Canadian but you know... lol Anyways, I was raised Catholic and converted in 2006 so suffice it to say that my extended family isn't crazy religious but my problem is that we have to work around customs. Myself, I am very religious and my husband's parents are as well but as for his extended family... :/ Alhamdulilah, after trying to convince everyone that we should have a separated wedding and failing I had to look for dresses with long sleeves and that covered because I am hijabi and I wear abaya so I'm a bit nervous to wear something so tight. I ended up finding a woman ON EBAY who gets wedding dresses made from a manufacturer she works with in China. She has her own styles that she offers for a veryyyyy cheap price. I've messaged many of her previous buyers to ask their honest opinion and got some great feedback. I bought one dress of her style for a womens only event I'm having, and then we sent photos back and forth for nearly 2 months getting a design of my own worked out. She gave me a price, I payed and voila! Custom made dress of my liking for $440!!! If I bought a dress that was 440 in the store I would look like I were wearing a potato sack! And those Hijabi wedding dresses online that you can get shipped from the UK, well that's a lot of money and a lot more in shipping. There are a lot of ways around it sister. Even if you just get one of those nice white shirts and wear it under your strapless, it would look nice. Look around at some pictures and get ideas.
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    Definitely get a jacket made!
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