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  • Vent: I gave FI some options for the bartenders/beverage service and told him he needed to make the decision since I was adamant that I wanted to use a full service beverage service.  One of them has a promotion ending today where they would throw in a free signature cocktail with our package as long as they receive the deposit today.  I asked FI to make a decision on whether we were going with this service today and he hasn't said anything other than "I'm thinking about it, I can't decide what to do".  Grrrrrrr!  Obviously I'm impatient because I want to get in on the promotion and the beverage service is one of the cheaper services out there.  Come ON already, it's the last day and I have no interest in their promotion for March!!!!!!!!

    Confession: I'm thinking about just putting the deposit down on the beverage service I mentioned in my vent because FI can't make a decision.  They do have just bartending services and it's only a $100 deposit to hold the date.  I'm trying to make myself wait but I think FI isn't going to make a decision today.
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  • Vent: My invitations lady is SO slow!! We met in Jan and she said we would have the proofs within a week...3 weeks later (after many unanswered calls and emails) we get the proofs, unfortunatly there are 3 things we are changing so now we have to do the process all over again!!  She is a nice woman and I LOVE the invitation, I just wish she were better at answering my emails/calls and had better time estimations
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  • Confession: I'm worried about our flowers. I have yet to hear back from our flower lady and I'm starting to get frustrated.... She does beautiful work, but has horrible communication. I hope I don't regret ordering from her. I don't think I will, but I really just wish she had better communication. 

    Vent: I really wish my new ring would get here, because I feel naked without my e-ring. I might still have another 19 days before it ships.. We got the 2nd day Fedex, but it still takes quite a while to process, because we did the deisgn a ring... I know I'm being whiny, but I really want a ring I'm not going to keep having issues with, and I'm hoping this will work better for me. I know I need to "suck it up buttercup", but I can't help it I really miss my ring. 

    Okay I'm mostly done being whiny now lol. Smile
  • Confession: I am soooo excited to go try on my dress tomorrow for the first alterations!
  • Confession: We bought my wedding band last June on a whim because it was at a really discounted price, but now that I look at it more with my e-ring I don't like it! :/ We're going tomorrow to look around at wedding bands to see what we can come up with.

    Vent: Some of my bridesmaids are driving me CRAZY! My bridal shower is coming up and they haven't done anything. I have a few that are really on top of things, but the others seem like they couldn't care less! It's so frustrating!!
  • Confession: I'm stressing out. We have 98 days and almost nothing is done. And I'm a little resentful towards my parents for not being more involved. I feel like they think this is a joke they're each on their third marriage, but this is a lifelong commitment. I wish they'd realize their careless approach to marriage has made me view things much more seriously that they do.
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