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Color dilema....

I have been contemplating on changing our colors for the wedding from black, ivory, and blush to something more bright and fun for summer but I'm worried about the church and reception hall. I told my FMIL my idea and she reminded me that the Church has bright red carpet through the aisle and the alter, she said that we could try to put something down over the carpet to hide all of the red but does this seem outlandish? I really dislike red for our wedding colors so if I could avoid it at all cost I would, any thoughts or suggestions on colors?


Reception hall

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Re: Color dilema....

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    Many churches dont allow for runners or petals on the ground. Check with them first before spending extra on that. If you really hate it try to decorate with something to take the eye away from the carpet. You can drape tulle, hang pew bows, pomanders, picture frames, those little buckets of flowers or even large lanterns with pomanders scattered around if your budget allows. Keep in mind all eyes will be on YOU, not a carpet...nobody will remember what you walked on.
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  • If you want a brighter color pallet, maybe try something like that at the reception? (if it's in a different place).  The ceremony could have more 'traditional' colors that don't clash with the red (like ivory, gold, etc.) and then you could have festive colors at the reception hall.
  • I really don't think you need to base your wedding colors on the Church carpet color or worry about it at all. You can certainly bring in tulle, flowers, and other decorations to incorporate your colors at the Church but I don't think anyone would even think about whether your decor matches the Church carpet. 

    And if you are unhappy with the overall color of the reception hall, you might want to consider using uplighting. We've been to two weddings at the same reception location and uplighting completely changed the look of the room.
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