I;m three weeks from my wedding and i was planning on doing a boudoir shoot for my Fiance for a wedding gift, my cousin was supposed to shoot it. She is also doing my wedding photos. after cancelling countless appointments she tells me she isnt going to do them.
I tried contacting a couple other photographers but couldnt get through to anyone....
Some one help, I was really hoping to do this.


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    We ended up going with a family friend to shoot our wedding, but interviewed and really liked Rebekah from I don't know where you're located but she traveled from Orono to Brunswick to meet with us--super nice, good photographs. Obviously, I also don't know her schedule but she's worth checking out. Good luck!
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    Try Debbie Harmon shes great
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    You could try my photographer: Portrait New England. They are professionals but have only been doing weddings for a few years and are really really flexible on pricing. Plus, they will travel anywhere. I have family in Maine and we have been thinking of getting married up there instead because our venue is a little iffy- we told them about the possible change and they said they would travel anywhere because they just want the business.
    It's worth a try and they are super talented...

    Good luck!!!
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    Tess Johnson is the best for boudoir.

    depending on where you are, and what your schedule looks like another option is: I don't know what her boudoir prices are, but I've heard great things.

    With only 3 weeks to go, and in the middle of the busy wedding "season" it's not all that likely that you'll get a shoot scheduled before your wedding, and even more unlikely that you'll get anything to show for it as a gift for FI.  Just be aware of that...
    With that said, my shoot with Tess was so amazing and did wonderful things for my esteem, I say DO IT, even if you give him something in 3 weeks that represents what's to come...  maybe wrap up an outfit you'd wear to your shoot...
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    I used Tess too and it was great! But you might be hard pressed to get it done before the wedding. Like chayer recommends, maybe do it afterward and let him know it's coming.

    And if you google "Maine boudoir photography," you'll come up with some other people who may be available. Good luck!
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    I went to Tess as well. She is great! I bet she can fit you in as shes pretty flexibile, but you may not get a product to deliver to your man until after the wedding. My shoot was in June and Im still waiting for my book. ...however, she does send "sneak peeks" via email  right away, so you could show him those.....

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    Have you checked out Ashley Therese Photography?  She is great!

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