Work Showers?

So two people at my work have planned and invted people to a bridal shower for me at work, its offsite @ a lunch (they are buying everyones lunch how sweet!!!) and the emailed and asked if i had a preference for regestries? (ie., use the wedding one, or go with lingerie?)  so i dont want peple to feel obligated to buy me anything special, can i just tell them to not mention registries ?

i'm new to all of this i dont know what to do lol
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Re: Work Showers?

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    i think that if you don't mention registries, you will be getting some interesting gifts, but I understand being hestiant about giving the info becuase you may not know your coworkers as well and it would seem like ur asking for a gift.

    But honestly, in this day and age, i think it would be a lot easier, esp for people who don't know u that well, just to pick something off the registry that they know you want rather than trying to guess your style or whatnot. 

    so IMO, I would give the registry info.. what sweet coworkers!
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    Did pp....I would give registry info so you don't get random stuff that you'll never want/need.  I wouldn't know what to get a co-worker for a wedding gift if they didn't have a registry...so I would want some guidance when buying a gift.
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    That sounds very sweet and fun! What a great group of co-workers. I ditto pp- just your registry info.
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    I'd give registry info.  I know you don't want ppl to feel obligated, but they all know that really the reason for a shower is to give presents.  So don't worry about it.

    But it being a work shower, I wouldn't have them distribute the info for the lingerie registry.  I just wouldn't want anyone I work with to look at my selections and then buy me any lingerie. *shudder*
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    it depends on the crowd...who's invited? friend-like coworkers, or just coworkers?

    if it was just coworkers, i wouldn't put a registry and i would ask for no gifts please "presence only"..i'd feel weird accepting gifts from them, unless they were friend-like. people who want to buy you something still would..maybe something weird, or a gift card..but it's the thought..you won't get *too* much "junk" hopefully :)

    if they were friend-like, i would put the regular registry...you don't want your coworkers buying you lingerie, right?
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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    Hmm, at most of the places I've worked, everyone just chipped in whatever they felt like toward a big group gift or gift card. (Not that you can really suggest that, haha.)

    I would give them the registry info since they asked. You don't want random stuff and I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable receiving lingerie from co-workers! (I'm not really comfortable getting lingerie from anyone, lol, but that seems especially awkward!)
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    thanks for all the advice! yea i will tell her please no lingerie at work lol awwwkwarrrd... ill give her the wedding registry. 

    Jennlin- the girls invited are more friends than co-workers, just a small group of 7 ppl.
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