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QOTD 10/22

Did you miss me?

Just kidding!!  The real QOTD is...what is your non-alcoholic and alcoholic favorite drink? 
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Re: QOTD 10/22

  • I drink iced tea and hot coffee like crazy. I drink a lot of water, my favorite non-alcoholic would have to be iced tea, unsweetened, brewed with a bag of Constant Comment thrown in.

    Alcoholic - just a simple glass of Chardonnay.
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  • My favorite drink would be COLD water (and coffee in the morning, have to have my coffee) lol

    hot drink would be White Cinnamon Apple Hot Chocolate YUM!

    and I love my SANGRIA or a good Pina Colada :D

    and YES I MISSED YOU :P heheh
  • Water I guess... and BEER. LOVE BEER.
  •  there's a really good drink my mom got once that's basically elderflower juice but it's carbonated. soooo good!

    I don't drink a lot (grew up in a dry house!)  so I've only tried a few drinks ever.  I really like a vodka cooler that smirnoff makes.  oh, and some bacardi drink that tastes like a creamsicle!
  • I'm totally addicted to caffeine lately, so my favorite non-alcoholic drinks are coffee and diet Coke. Alcoholic, I like champagne and white wine.
  • Non-Alc - Iced Tea

    Alc - Bellini or Sangria.
  • Non-alcoholc: COFFEE.

    Alcoholic: Rose or any sweet champagne, beer, sangria.

    Hm. I like more alcoholic drinks than non-alcoholic. Seriously though, 90% of the time if I'm drinking something, it's water.
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  • non alc - lemonade. was a BIG pop (or soda, if you prefer, lol) for a longggg time.  haven't had a sip since February though!

    alc - used to be long islands but since I don't drink carbonation anymore...hmm, not sure. 
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  • Non-alcoholic - water. Thats weird for me to say because I WAS a huge pop drinker growing up. I found that giving up pop was key in actually losing weight.

    Alcoholic - Long island probably. If I really want a drink, thats usually what I'll order!

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  • non - sprite, dr. pepper (I avoid most of the time!!), and milk. Love water too!

    Alcoholic - moscato, champagne, or a bellini. I also really like marshmallow vodka mixed with cream soda <3
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  • Yes...I missed you. :)

    Non-alc would probably be Cherry Pepsi or MD (Mountain Dew)
    Alc I love Moscato D'Asti, Malibu Bay Breeze, or a Long Island

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