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Did you grow up with guns in your home or around guns?  Have you ever fired a gun?  Would you be ok if your FI/DH wanted to keep a gun in your home?
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    Yes, I grew up in a house with guns. My father is a semi-collector and used to hunt, so he had about 7 hunting riffles, along with a set of hunting pistols, and a gun he inherited from his BIL. My brother also does historic re-enactments as part of his job and collects antique weapons and reproduction weapons.

    I have never shot a gun,a nd have no interest in it. IMO, guns are for hunting, not self-defense, since they often make confrontation worse, and since neither my husband nor I have interest in hunting (lol, we eat vegetarian at home) we wouldn't keep a gun at home.
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    I didn't realize that we had a gun in the house growing up but my dad owned a couple (military).  My FIL has a few (he goes hunting but has also inherited a couple from his dad and his wife's dad) and he has taught me how to shoot and proper use and cleaning.  I was dead set against having one in our home but now that I know how to use it I am a little more at ease with one being in the house.
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    I did not grow up around guns, but I'm the one who owns guns, not my fiance.  I will not keep the guns loaded in the house, but the bullets are close by.  I love shooting my rifle, don't like the recoil of a shotgun.
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    I didn't grow up with them, but dated a US Marshal and got a little more comfortable around them.  Then he took me shooting once (Crazy!). 

    My hubby & his entire family are into them and I have since been shooting quite a few times.  I agree Ninja, the recoil is nutty!

     Hubs does keep in the house and has made sure I know how to handle it.  It's ok with me, at least until kids come along.
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    I did grow up with them and have shot one before but I NEVER want a gun in my house.  I believe the 2nd Amendment has been totally skewed.  It actually says "A well trained state militia" has the right to arms--somehow that has turned into private citizens owning AK47s.  So strange....
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    I didn't grow up with guns, but FI has many and we've been shooting together.  I don't have a problem with them, but I do think that once we have kids, they will need to be significantly more secure (like in a safe that only we have the code to).  
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