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we plan on a secular/non-denominational ceremony.  Just at the house.  Any recommendations on officiants.  I have serarched and am finding #1 - wackadoos with too many questions #2 Mainly women and #3 men that are prettier or younger than me.  I would prefer a mature male officiant.

I was also pretty shocked at what some people charge!  $850 for 30min of your time?  I don't THINK so...  It seems the cheapest I found was $250.

Thanks for anay help!


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    We elected to have a friend perform our wedding.    

    In Virginia you can get a one time celebrant of marriage license.  For us, our friend had to petition the court and then was sworn in by a judge.  After she performed our wedding ceremony, she filed our marriage license.  She did not need to get ordained.  A $500 bond needed to be given to the court but it was returned after the wedding.  Check with your circuit court for more details if this is a way you are interested in going.  I should add she needed to petition the court in the county where SHE lived rather than where the ceremony was taking place.  

    Good luck!
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    $850?! Good grief!  The few I found were about $300-$400.

    Try Brian Purcell with Two Become One Ministry. He's done a couple friend's weddings. He can be as religious or non as you like, has lots of example vows and readings and set ups you can choose from or come up with your own stuff. And he's a mature male :)
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    My wedding is actually in Petersburg, but the officiant I am using is Bill King and he is only $150. If you want his information I can pass it on.
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    Thank you Tammy!  I have contacted him via email.  :)

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    @jlford - can I please get the information on your suggestion also?
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    Sure! His name is Bill King and his number is 804-895-0782, email is [email protected] :) Good Luck!
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