Miss. Nobody at Bridal Show

I have been so excited to attend a bridal show since I got engaged.  My friend recently announced that she was engaged, the key word being 'announced' as she is yet to have a ring put on her finger.  I on the other hand, have a gorgeous sparkling one carat ring from Tiffany on my finger.  We both decided to go to the bridal show in Langley at the Princess & Pea B&B.  Upon arrival at the show we were greeted at the entrance and the hostesses had to ask who the bride was.  Fair enough they wouldn't know that my friend was a bride as she was lacking the first sign of a bride to be, a ring on her finger.  It was a great bridal show.  Ate lots of yummy cupcakes and cake samples.  I was very happy to find a florist!  Despite being a great bridal show, as we walked around I was soon feeling like a Miss. Nobody.  These vendors when presented with my friend and I, their first assumption was that she was the bride and would start chatting her up.  Given that technically she is getting married, I'm the one flashing a gorgeous diamond ring!  I flashed it alright, I stood at the booths with my arms crossed in a way that my ring was flashing at each vendor that passed me over as a non-bride but with a smile on my face in hopes they would acknowledge me.  Why was I being passed over as a non-bride?  I'm not a larger girl, I'm attractive, I was dressed in office attire (so not badly dressed) and I will stress again, I had a huge sparkling ring on my finger!

Re: Miss. Nobody at Bridal Show

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    Not sure why , but also not sure what "not  being a large girl has to do with it. Are you implying that larger women are easily ignored?
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    good one Z :).... I went to the Welcome Wagon show recently and they presented me with a flower to wear on my lapel when I checked in so they knew who the brides were, not all of us have a flashy one carat ring from Tiffany...doesn't mean she is any less engaged than you are!  If you are going to be that competitive with your friend, maybe take your mom or a sister or someone else so you can have all the attention.... just sayin....
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    Wow.  You seem really focused on your flashy 1 carat tiffany ring.
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