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St. Patrick's Day bachelor party in Savannah

Hi ladies-

I'm a former knottie with a somewhat WR question...DH is the best man in his friend's upcoming wedding, and is planning his bachelor party with the help of some others. They have decided they want to have it in Savannah over St. Patrick's Day weekend.

He doesn't know too much about the area, just that Savannah is supposed to have a huge celebration every year for St. Patty's Day.

My question is, where are some good hotels for them to stay that is within walking distance from all of the festivities? They won't have a car but are fine with taking cabs, but would rather be within walking distance from everything if that is possible. Also, are there any must-haves that they should do while there? Honestly, I think they will be happy as long as there are drinks and bars around, but he thought about trying to plan another activity for during the day.

Thanks for your help!

Re: St. Patrick's Day bachelor party in Savannah

  • If he hasn't already booked a room here for St Paddy's Day of this year, he'll have a hard time finding one with in walking distance of the party.  Everything will be in the Historic District area.  Those rooms book nearly a year ahead of time.  He can try.  There may have been cancelations, but he needs to be prepared for them to be pricey or non-existant.  I would look into the area around the airport or the South Side area of town.  There are usually shuttles that run from those areas the day of the parade and cabs are not too expensive from there.  He pretty much just needs to consider it like he were going to Mardi Gras, as far as things to do.  It's a huge party.  There is a huge parade during the day and then the party at night.  McDonough's and Kevin Barry's are two of our favorite places to go.  Both are Irish bars.  

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