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Photographer for Engagement & Wedding

I am completely new to this whole thing and I'm just wondering what is a decent price to pay for a photographer (to shoot engagement & wedding)? 

What would you say the average price is to pay?

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  • Depends on location.  Typically 2000-6000 depending on number of hours, skill and talent of your photographer, and products selected.
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  • As a professional wedding photographer myself, I thought I could offer you some insights to the confusion around pricing. 

    Photographers often work for themselves which makes pricing difficult to gauge because of package ammenities.  I offer a base package and a all-inclusive package as basic packages.  Rarely does any bride or couple say - "Perfect! We will take the _ package"  Most couples have different ideas of what they want included in their package.  For example, some couples want an album included and others want prints... these are things to consider when determining price. 

    Photographers also like to know how many guest you plan on having attend.  I never ask what your budget is - but rather like to know how many will be attending as that gives me a better idea of how much ground I have to cover and whether or not I need an assistant or two to help cover all the events.

    Most photographers will include the engagement session as part of the package price.

    A typical package with myself starts at $1900 for no frills or add ons - just the photography coverage, images edited and burned onto a dvd.  A package with everything can range $3,000 or more depending how many pages the wedding album will be included and how many prints. 

    Hope that helps!  Best of luck
  • Great! Thanks for all of the insight it was very helpful!
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