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Suggest a photographer?

Can I get some recommendations on photographers? I have been searching online and I am absolutely overwhelmed with this one. We have a budget of 3,500ish, so I feel like we have options, but there are just so many photographers. And we are more than a year out and people are telling me they are they are already booked. Eck!

So, I am looking for two photographers, fullish day, and all images on a cd for around 3500. I generally like pictures with a softer feel (is there a name for that?) (ex, I love the work of KT Merry, but she is out of our budget.)


Re: Suggest a photographer?

  • 13:13 Photography!

    They have that softer feel and I used and love them!

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  • You just described one of Poirier Wedding Photography's packages!! They are simply the best and they do stunning work. www.poirierweddingphotography.com

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  • We are using Brett Tyler. We loved his work and his prices were reasonable.
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  • We are using Natalie B - she's on facebook Natalie B Photography. Very reasonable and so down to earth. I feel like i've known her forever
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  • We're using Gregory Paul - he's awesome, super nice, friendly, down to earth, and makes you feel comfortable while he's taking pictures.  I highly recommend him!

  • Travis Harris, he's great!!
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  • With that kind of budget for photography (similar to mine) you need to check out NeoArt Photography in Boca. They are my photographers and I couldnt be happier. Jason is a pleasure to work with and helps me if I have any other wedding issues that arent even related to photography.  By far worth every penny!


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  • Brett Tyler!  He's doing my wedding this weekend and I am going to be so anxious to see the pics!!

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