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Newbie looking for help! :)

Anybody have any insight on day of event insurance? My venue requires a $1,000,000 policy and I have NO idea where to look! Thanks in advance!

Re: Newbie looking for help! :)

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    I was kind of surprised that for everything else wedding related there are hundreds of options, but it seems like there aren't that many options for wedding insurance. Since there's only one company listed in the article Jagore suggested, I thought I'd throw this out there too. Hope that's ok. =)
    We used WedSafe. They were easy to use and not very expensive. I had a few questions and they got back to me pretty quickly. We paid for them pretty far in advance too and we were able to add the rehearsal venue later after we knew where it would be.
    Thankfully we didn't have to file a claim, so I don't know how their service is for that.
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    Thank you for the information- the site you provided actually was easy! Yay!
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