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Need Help!

A family friend of our's has a friend who is an officiant. Great! Perfect! So I bugged my mom for 5 months to call our family friend to get the officiant's information. Well my mom finally calls this week and was able to talk to the officiant today and she is already booked! Ugh! I asked and begged her to call earlier but no. I can vent and be angry but that's not going to solve anything. 

So does anyone know an officiant or recommend one they used for their's? 

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    Mine is through my uncle's church so I don't think that would be appropriate, but you should check Here Comes the Guide. They have a list of regional officiants that they "certify", although IDK what their certification means. What matters is how you connect with your officiant. I say to start there and and meet in person to get a feel for him/her.
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    our very good friend is officiating for us - can you have a friend do it?
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    What area are you in?  My officiant is in the East Bay and I found him on Craigslist. 

    I know I know, "Craigslist??" I was very skeptical too at first but he's great and charges a fraction of what other officiants with big fancy websites are charging. So you may want to search "officiant" on Craigslist for the area that you're in.
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    I'd probably check yelp over craigslist.  That way you can get reviews of the person in addition to contact information.
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