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vintage photographer in charleston

We're looking for a "vintage" style photographer to do our wedding for less than $3000 in Charleston next fall.  Any suggestions? 


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    Check out Banner Radin, she is very versatile & wonderful photographer!  She did my sister's wedding & I love the candid shots & the black & whites.
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    Check out ShoMore Photography! They have a killer wedding package that includes everything and they do great work. You can find them at I know most of their latest work is on Facebook. Good luck!
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    Get in touch with Michael Requidan from Your Priceless Pics. He and his brother are freelance photograpers who have a photojournalistic style and are extremely talented They also have AH-MA-ZING pricing and all of their packages include two photographers. We did a family portrait session as a test run for $150 dollars and that included the royalty free DVDs. Mike got me the DVDs within a week and when I emailed him to let him know they were corrupted somehow, he sent out new copies that same day. We have booked them for our October 2011 wedding and I couldn't be happier. Check out their website
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    To be honest with you, I just looked at all the people mentioned here and they don't compare at all to the photographers we'll be going with.  You can look them up at  They have some amazing work and they seem to be extremely nice each time I talk with them.  They are a husband and wife team and do such a wonderful job.  Hope this helps and I don't mean to put anyone else down.  They just have some amazing work and think they deserve the credit.
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    We looked at Hyerimages and would agree that I love their work, but they were booked and a little out of our price range.  So, we went with Chi Photography in Charleston.  Style might not be exactly what you are looking for, but love her work so far.  Just got our engagement pictures.
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