David's Bridal Toronto / Jolie Bridal

Has anyone checked out the David's Bridal in Toronto, I believe at Warden and Eglington? Haven't heard very good reviews of the Mississauga location, didn't want to waste my time as I have a larger group wanting to go with... Also has anyone been to Jolie Bridal on St. Clair...?

EDIT: So I was with my FMIL on Sunday and we decided to swing by David's just to check it out.... most horrible experience in any store, they yelled at us for looking at dresses, she left me to try the gowns on myself which was rather difficult, as some were a size 16 more than double my size. Just overal terrible experience, I would strong encourage brides to not waste there time here!
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Re: David's Bridal Toronto / Jolie Bridal

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    I know StephieBow got her dress there - I'm sure she'll respond when she logs on here.

    ETA: Stephie got her dress @ Jolie Bridal - don't know about the David's in Scarberia but my g/f had a great time at the location in 'Sauga.
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    I also purchased my dress at Jolie. I love the ladies there.
    My sister also purchased her dress there 15 years ago when it was under another name. When I went dress shopping I didn't know it was the same store, I found out later.
    I also purchased my bridesmaids dresses there and later another dress for a wedding I attended.
    Needless to say, I like going there :)
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    I went to the Scarborough location back when it opened for bridesmaids dresses. Found it to be poor selection and didn't have my colour (although the saleslady was like, "it's close enough") Well, "close enough" wasn't good enough, so we went elsewhere (Superior Bridal in Markham) and found the exact colour with better service and far better selection.
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