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Got a great deal, and now I'm worried

We booked our "familymoon" in a vacation rental house.  When I found it online, there were no prices, so I emailed the owner to inquire.  (I did check out the company online and with the BBB and they had really good ratings.)  She told me it was $100/night - which is AWESOME for a 3BR house with a pool.  We signed the contract and since we wanted to use a credit card (for protection) the woman told us to call her.  I did, and when she pulled up my contract/file, she said that her assistant had quoted us the wrong price and that since it was their high season, it would be $179/night.  I told her no, we had signed the contract for $100/night and that she couldn't just change the price after the contract had been signed.  I also told her that the $100/night was in 3 emails she sent me, and that was the figure she mentioned when we spoke on the phone once when I had a question.

She's honoring the price, but now I'm wondering if we are going to run into problems down the road.  I'm picturing her saying that we broke something or left a huge mess (which we wouldn't)  so she can get her extra money out of us somehow. 

She should have double checked her contract before mailing it out.  It's not our fault she didn't.  I just don't want to get off on a bad foot with her.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to smooth this over so it's not a big deal down the road?  I'm sorry she is out the extra money because she didn't check the contract, but the deposit is non-refundable and we're kind of stuck with each other now.  Yes, I know I could offer to pay the extra $79/night but we're on a pretty tight budget and if we're going to pay THAT much, we may as well stay in a hotel IN the city (not 20 miles outside the city, which is where the house is) and have amenities like free breakfast, daily cleaning, a gym, closer proximity to attractions, etc.
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Re: Got a great deal, and now I'm worried

  • That stinks, but the good news is at least she's honoring the contract.  I would suggest that you take pictures of everything in the house before you unpack and before you leave, so if she tries to give you a problem you have documentation to back you up. 

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  • I wouldn't worry about it too much. Like pp suggested, take pics just to be safe. Hopefully she understands this misunderstanding wasn't your fault and is professional enough to not take it out on you.

  • Just keep all documentation between you and her and then as the above posters mentioned I would take pictures of things before and after.  And if anything is broken or wrong when you arrived let her know so that you are not blamed in the end.  Don't make a big deal about it just make sure she is aware so that you are not held responsible.
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  • Keep all contact with her in emails.  I did this with all of my vendors to make sure everything that was promised on both ends was clear and easy to reference if needed.

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