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Venue with accommodations?

Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to posting here, but I've been lurking around for a little while. I've been engaged since November and with my fiance for 4 1/2 years, and we are both excited about the wedding (of course!) but aren't in a rush. We know our life is going to be spent together no matter what, so no big hurry :) We're looking at fall 2015 for our wedding, and I've been browsing venue ideas. I think once I have an idea of where the wedding will be I'll start to get a clear vision of it all. We are currently living in Alberta, but his family is from southern Ontario and mine is from New York. We decided the wedding will be in NY because there are a lot of young children in my immediate family which would be a big hassle and expense for my family if we tried to have the wedding in Canada. 

 Basically, to finally get to the point here, we were thinking of making a weekend celebration of it. We don't see our families often enough, and this will be the first time they're all meeting (I think they'll get along very well :) ). We would LOVE to find a place, preferably on a lake, where we could have a nice outdoor ceremony, a reception (indoor/outdoor/doesn't matter, although a historical building would be very neat), and could have our families (probably 20-25 people) stay afterwards for the weekend and have a little mini vacation. All one location. I know, it's asking a lot. We were thinking of renting out all or part of a lodge or small resort, or possibly finding a large vacation home? Any ideas of any locations where this could be a possibility?

 Also, I'll be in NY in March for a few days, and I would love to go scope out a couple of places really quick while I'm there, since I don't know when I'll be back again. Any ideas of anything in the Finger Lakes area? I'll be in Binghamton during my visit, but driving a few hours any direction isn't an issue for me at all.

 All suggestions are very welcome!!

 Thanks in advance :)

Re: Venue with accommodations?

  • Hi, I live in Geneva which is in the Finger Lakes. I'd suggest looking at the Ramada Lakefront, the Geneva Inn, and the Belhurst Castle. All are within about a mile of each other. Geneva is a nice little vacation town with the state park, being right on the winery trail, and the outlet mall down the road. Lots of local places to check out, wine ice cream, just a nice town. 

    I don't know anything in the Bing area, but Geneva is awesome. We're having an all in one at the Ramada- outside ceremony on the lake shore followed by a ballroom reception. The price is reasonable too. 
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  • Thanks :) I'll check it out. 
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    [QUOTE]Thanks :) I'll check it out. 
    Posted by MonikaRuth[/QUOTE]

    <div>Geneva Inn is supposed to say Geneva on the Lake. My bad. </div>
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