XP: AW: PIP Recap (non-pro)

Overall we had a perfect day.  Sure there were a lot of things that went wrong, but like my photographer told me when the venue lost power for 4 hours, "this is where the stories begin".  I am so happy to be married to my best friend and to have been able to share it with our closest friends and family.  Here are a few pics that my cousin took at the wedding.  I should get my pro pics in a couple of week and i'll repost then!

Just me

First kiss!

Ceremony Aisle

My dad and I

Bouquet and Shoes

The cake!

FI's brother and my friend sporting the BP get up

Re: XP: AW: PIP Recap (non-pro)

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    Beautiful!  I love the first kiss picture.  Stunning!  Your DIY details are very impressive too!  Your venue lost power for 4 hours?  During your reception????
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    Thanks! I can't wait to see how my pro pics turn out.

    Yes there was a car accident on the main drag that took out a telelphone pole.  We lost power around 3pm and it came on around 7pm.  Luckily the venue had gas stove so we were able to eat and the power came back on just in time for dancing.  The only bad thing that came about from it was it messed up the music for the ceremony.  All of our guest actually said they loved the atmosphere with no power, the fireplace and all the candlelight made it really romantic.  So it all worked out!
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