Frustrated with makeup artist...

Hi knotties! I've been so busy lately, I haven't been posting much....hope you're all doing well!

So I am a bit frustrated, here is my vent......a hair/makeup artist, whose name I won't mention, sent me a pricing list back in February for airbrush makeup and hairstyling prices. After a few months of price-shopping elsewhere, I decided I'd like to book her, based on the good prices that she gave me in February. When I called to book her, she said she would send me an itemized list of the pricing for myself and all of my bridesmaids, depending on which services we wanted. Well, the prices on the list were much higher than the prices on her price sheet back in February. When I asked her why, she said that the old price list was a "mistake that should have never been sent out" and than an "intern made that mistake." It was a bit off-putting. All this time, I was going by her "mistake" price sheet. At this point, I'm exploring other options because I don't feel completely comfortable with this surprise price change...

Long story short, does anyone recommend a hair and makeup artist who will travel to my venue in Old Saybrook? Preferably airbrush makeup....I need to get a few tattoos covered :) TIA!
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Re: Frustrated with makeup artist...

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    My makeup/hair was through The prices are on the website. She not only specialized in airbrush but also tattoo cover ups. Not sure how much she charges for travel fee since it didn't apply to locations within 20 miles from her studio (Shelton). 
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    Check out Danielle Santagata.  She does beautiful airbrush makeup and she has a hair girl that she works with who does great work as well.
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    Another option out of Southern RI would be  Sara Faella, for airbrush make-up I have found her prices to be competitive. She also has her glam squad which are offered at a lower price.  GL!
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    I'm  going with Erin Infantino from She and the artist on her team travel to you. She's been really helpful with my planning in makeup, hair and even other things I just happened to mention to her that she had some good ideas on. Just very nice over all. Sorry to hear about the other artist but I guess mistakes do happen and it was her intern but I think she should honor the prices that were sent originally regardless. 
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    I would be totally frustrated with that situation too! I would look elsewhere since they werent going to honor the original price you were quoted even though it was a mistake they still should honor it.. Good Luck... that being said check out Larissa Lake.. she is amazing and super sweet.. her work is amazing and her rates are reasonable!
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    Another suggestion for Larissa Lake! She's awesome! A beautiful person, inside and out.

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    [QUOTE]Check out Danielle Santagata.  She does beautiful airbrush makeup and she has a hair girl that she works with who does great work as well.
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    Ditto to Danielle!! She is awesome!!
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    Another for Danielle S!  I was beyond pleased with my wedding make-up, and when I look back at my wedding pics- she made by eyebrows look the best ever!
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    Also going with Erin with Simply Gorgeous. I'm using for my hair, they also travel to you. Wedding Countdown Ticker
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    Thank you all for your suggestions! I never thought that the makeup artist would be one of the toughest vendors to book! Appreciate the help :)
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    I ditto Larissa Lake. She's great! I cannot wait to use her for my wedding. Can't say enough positive things about her and her work!
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