People are amazing..

I posted this in my month board but wanted to share here too!

My wedding is Saturday and its a casual outdoor affair in a local park in Grants Pass. Weather here is usually beautiful and rain rarely in sight ... until its my turn to get married of course! This Saturday, the chance of rain is around 50 percent of course.

My plan B is to move everyone under the shelter for the ceremony but then that leaves no place for people to eat. So I figured if I could get a bunch of the temporary 10-foot by 10-foot shelters, I would be OK and could set up tables under them. I only had five this morning - not enough to house several tables. So I asked friends (who also are coworkers) for donations of these structures. A friend asked around - now I have 6 more! With 11 or so, I should have my own little tent city!

My stomach has unclenched and now I think I'll actually able to pull it off on Saturday. And I'm still hoping for the weathermen to be wrong! This just reaffirms my belief that people are pretty amazing!! Smile

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    I hope you have a fantastic day!!  I can't believe how close it all is!
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    My wedding is Saturday and I'm in the same situation-50% chance of rain in Lincoln City.  My fingers are crossed that the rain stays away from Oregon Saturday!
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    Thanks guys!!
    I stalked Accuweather again this morning. They say I shouldn't have rain at all on my day. Here's hoping they are right and the local guys on TV are wrong!! :)
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    Snarky I hope your wedding is everything you wanted, and no rain! Although I hear it's supposed to be good luck if does.  :D  Can't wait to see some pictures!!!
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    I am planning my wedding for outdoors in Portland on May 14th next year. The thing everyone says is "what about rain?" But you know what, we are oregonians, rain doesnt stop us from functioning normally. My FMIL is going to order 25 white umbrellas with our names and date embroidered on them so just in case it rains people are "covered" and in case it doesnt rain, it will make a really cute photo prop :)

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