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Wedding Website - how to insert link??

Couldnt find a good category for this question....

I am working on our wedding website before we send out invites..cant figure out how to include a link on the page to hotels & events etc. I have copied the url & pasted it but it doesnt "turn" into a link...anybody know how to do this??

Re: Wedding Website - how to insert link??

  • What are you using to host the site?  Is it a Knot website or one you created with Weebly or some other host?

    Some sites don't allow HTML code.  Try typing the link out starting with "http://" and see if that makes it clickable. 
  • Its the knot website..i saw an example site on here & they had links on just not very good with that stuff :/
  • Copying/pasting the link worked for me, so i'm not sure why yours wouldnt work.
  • If you can't get it to turn into a hyperlink, they should be able to just copy/paste the link into a new browser to view the page.
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