Any Newfie Brides to be out there? =)

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    HI, I am from Toronto and in Toronto so I couldn't help with venues but my entire family is from Newfoundland. (both paretn's sides) So, I just wanted to say hi! and best wishes planning your wedding.Smile
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    I'm in Ontario as well but my fiacnce grew up in Newfoundland. A bunch of his friends are still back there and are having to make a pretty long trip for the wedding.
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    Oooh, me!!! I am from St. John's and my fiance is from Saskatchewan. Before we met, he lived in Victoria and I lived in St. John's. I came to Quebec to work for 7 months, and he was in Quebec doing a course (we're both in the military), we met, and moved here together.

    Anyway, we'll be living in BC when we get married but are getting married in St. John's so it'll be a bit of extra work, but I have the support back home that'll really help me out in planning. 
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    I'm not...but I lived there for 5 years! LOL

    I'm Nova hi *waves across the ocean*

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