Victoria's Bridal - Jefferson City, MO Review!

I purchased my wedding gown from Victoria’s Bridal on September 4th and I haven’t stopped saying wonderful things about Victoria’s since.

The best way to review Victoria’s is probably just to talk about my experience. I first went to Victoria’s on August 28th. It was my first dress shopping experience. The consultant, I worked with Janna and I would highly recommend her, started off the session by asking what type of dress I was looking for. I gave her some general guidelines and then she allowed my mom and I to look through the dress with her, which I loved. We picked about a dozen dresses and I was ready to start trying some on! Several of them were very pretty but it was around the 3rd or 4th dress that I found one I didn’t want to take off. Janna brought me a headpiece and veil and completed the picture. It was great! However, I just wasn’t comfortable buying that day, I mean it was my first day looking. So I left my dress and made another appointment with Janna for the following Saturday.

Between my first and second appointment with Victoria’s, I made an appointment with a local bridal salon in Columbia, which will remain nameless. I didn’t think I could go back to Victoria’s and feel comfortable buying a dress until I had at least tried one other salon. So I did and the experience was nothing but unpleasant. The consultant didn’t really listen to me, the salon was so HOT – they needed to crack some A/C and the dressing room was small. The experience was nothing like what I had at Victoria’s.

On my second visit to Victoria’s my experience was the same – wonderful. Janna already had my top choice along with two others from the first appointment that I liked in the room. I told her I did have one or two concerns about the dress and asked if she had anything similar. She knew of something right away and brought it in. I tried on the new addition and loved it too! But I knew I wanted to get back into the dress from last Saturday. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Once back into the dress I knew almost immediately that it was the one and I would be buying that day but Janna let me take my time. She let me walk around the shop in the dress, try different veils, talk to my mom, etc. The story ends with saying YES to the dress!

A few more notes about Victoria’s Bridal:

Location – Victoria’s Bridal is located in Jefferson City, Missouri which for me was just perfect. Even though I live and work in Columbia I visit Jefferson City often.

Treated like a queen – During both of my visits to Victoria’s I felt like I was treated like a queen! Their bridal dressing rooms are huge, well air conditioned, had plenty of seating for guest and huge floor to ceiling wall length mirrors. They also provided water and cookies for me and my mom.

Janna – She was my consultant and I would recommend her to any bride! Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious about my body and I never felt anything but comfortable with Janna. She is the sweetest thing!

Selection – I have no idea how many dresses Victoria’s Bridal had in stock but it was a lot! They also seemed to have a nice selection of different sizes. I typically wear a size 6-8 in pants and small tops but in bridal I was a size 10. They had a large selection of dresses for my size as well as smaller and larger dresses. I saw several and I mean several racks of dresses sized up to 18 and higher.

If you live in the Columbia or Jefferson City area – give Victoria’s a try.

I am not a vendor nor will I gain anything by you going to Victoria's. I'm just a bride who had a good experience and a bad one and wanted to share. 

Here's my dress - 


Re: Victoria's Bridal - Jefferson City, MO Review!

  • I had my bridesmaides (7 of 8) in there last Saturday and they were so wonderful!  I had already found the dress I was interested in after hours and many trips to other dress shops so my consultant had my dress ready for the girls to try on.  I WISH I had just gone the Victoria's first!  I already bought my bridal gown at a different store but after looking through their selection I was second guessing my decision!  I am very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of all the gals at Victoria's!  I am telling all of my friends that just got engaged (5 just this month) to go there first!  Thanks Victoria's for helping my girls get measured for their perfect dress!!!
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