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Hi! Does anything know anything about the Morgan Hill Event Center? This pictures look beautiful and a friend went to a wedding there and said it was beautiful. Does anyone know their rough prices? I emailled and they don't have info to give, so FI and I are going to visit this month. Thanks!

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  • Went to a wedding there in april and it was beautiful.  I'm not sure about prices though.  Do you live in maine?  I know your tag says phili?  Have you looked at other places. I live in the bangor area and looking for a place too.  
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  • I believe the venue is $3,000 for the peak seasons. After Oct I think they are half price. I may be wrong!
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    I booked my 2013 wedding there.  It's about 2000 for the hall rental on a Saturday, I believe that's for five hours including ceremony.  I'm having my wedding on Friday, so it's 1500.  For food prices, the buffet starts around $25/plate.  They also do plated meals, prices are similar.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  My MOH has been to several events there and absolutely loves the food--one of the reasons I went with them.  

    Getting married May 24, so just about peak season...Not sure if they go up for mid-summer or not.
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