Affordable Wedding Creations in Covington?

Has anybody used them for either cake and/or flowers? 

I found their website in searching for cakes & flowers and got excited about the idea of one-stop shopping.  (I've had one highly mentioned florist on here that I can't get to call me back after 3 months, and another that told me they are not doing any weddings the wknd of my wedding because it is Mother's Day weekend -- needless to say, I'm growing weary in my search for a reasonably priced florist.)

The website didn't have impressive pictures, but I would like to think they have access to all flowers like other florists?  Wishful thinking?

Thanks for any info!

Re: Affordable Wedding Creations in Covington?

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    I don't blame you for being weary of their website (I was) but they are not as outdated as their website makes them out to be! I am using them for my flowers because they came highly recommended by a friend who had her wedding last summer. The only reason I even listened to her suggestion was because this was a very high-scale wedding and I was floored when she told me what she paid for all her flowers. Affordable Wedding Creations was significantly lower in price compared to the 5 other florists I spoke with. Inge, is the woman in charge of flowers there but she is back visiting Gernany until Feb 5th, so i would wait to contact them until then. I unfortunately had already put a deposit down elsewhere for my cake, but they were also cheaper than most places.

    Put it this way: my first quote from one florist was $2640.... Inge's quote was $840 for the same flowers!! I immediately booked her. I just hope that she is as good as she sounds. I guess I won't really know until the day of! Good luck... hope this helps.
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    I have a few friends who have used the florist there for their weddings.  They have been very happy with the cost and quality of the flowers.  I plan on checking her out as soon as I get around to booking florist appointments.
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    I dont always judge a book by its cover. We used Fantasy in Frosting for our cake which was amazing and their website is less than stellar. As long as you are confident in the quality you are getting, you should be fine.
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    One of my friends used them for cake and flowers, another for just cake.  I am also checking them out for cakes this weekend.  They are truly very affordable, and both of my friends cakes and flowers were beautiful.  The cakes were very similar in style and very traditional (maybe that's just a coincidence), so I'm not sure if that means they can't do more modern designs, but they were really pretty.  My friend's flowers were also great - they had centerpieces for $10/table - they were small, but very pretty pink roses and white hydrangea in a square vase.  I thought they looked great, and especially for the price.  So I would definitely give them a try. 

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    I am using them for both my cake and flowers. I got recs from 5 friends about them and they said they did a fantastic job, and very affordable :)  Good luck
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    Thanks everyone!  I will definitely call them and get a quote!  I'm glad I didn't judge by the website, lol!Wink
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    my step mom and dad used them for their wedding in 07 and LOVED them. The flowers and cake turned out great
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    Very good service, beautiful flowers, and highly affordable. Unless you're looking for something outlandishly fancy, I fully recommend them.
  • The were absolutely horrible! DO NOT USE THEM! Not one person said a good thing about our cake. People are still talking about out wedding, because of how hideous our cake is. And I haven't received a call back for anything. Very disappointing.
  • we used affordable wedding creations for our wedding cake in April.  it was delicious!  i also had them make a sheet cake with the NY Giants logo for the groomsmen cake at the rehearsal dinner.  all of it was very affordable and we really liked it.  i wrote a vendor review this week and included them if you want to check it out.
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