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can you print mailing labels from the knot guest list?

I have entered my guest list with addresses into The Knot guest list, but I cannot figure out how to use that guest list to print mailing labels...does anyone know if it is possible to do so?
Thank you!

Re: can you print mailing labels from the knot guest list?

  • Ditto CMGr.  Labels are not proper etiquette.
  • Can someone please answer the question. They are looking for an answer not a criticism.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: can you print mailing labels from the knot guest list?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Can someone please answer the question. They are looking for an answer not a criticism.
    Posted by CVALANN123[/QUOTE]

    Part of responding is also to let the OP know what is and isn't proper etiquette so she can make an informed decision about what to do.  When it comes to addressing anything that has to do with the wedding, labels are not appropriate. The OP should be aware of this so she can decide whether or not to break that etiquette rule.

    I honestly don't know if TK guest list will allow you to print labels.  I do know that it wouldn't be appropriate to advise someone to use labels on her wedding invitations.
  • Can you try exporting the list to a word/excel document for a mail merge??

    PS. Instead of labels, why not try to print directly onto the envelopes? That's generally received a little better than labels from what I've seen...  good luck.
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  • can = are you able to

    Answer, yes

    May = should you

    answer = NO
  • Just say no to labels.
  • I'm all for etiquette, and printing on the labels seems great---but does anyone know HOW to do it from the knot guestlist?
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    You can sort and export your list to an Excel file.  For example, for the calligrapher, Thank You notes, etc.

    Go to your Guest List />> click on edit settings >> View Summary >> scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • mparwulski, Thank you so much for answering the question asked.
  • I love how judgemental people are when you just ask a question. 
  • You asked a great question and finally one person answered it without a catty response.  Regardless of labels or printing on an envelope there still had to be a way to export the data, and that was really all you asked.  If a bride is mean spirted in this form, can you imagine wahat her husband is in for after they are married. Yikes. 
  • Thanks for the answer, I was trying to print them to envelopes too!  Holy crap people, I have heard of bridezilla for their own wedding but never heard of one for someone else's wedding!!!  If she wanted to print it on a paper bag and leave it on their front door step, she can its her wedding!!!!!!
  • I am also glad someone answered. It has info on the guest spots for filling out outer envelope information etc. So if that is filled out why not get it to print directly to the envelope? So much easier! Now I will have to try it to see if it works. Oh and why would the have a field to fill out for that information if it "isnt proper to have them printed"?
  • So the direct answer appears to be no you cannot directly utilize The Knot's built in guest list to create any sort of list you could print to labels/envelopes with. At best you can manually export the list into something like excel/word and go from there. Ettiquette be damned, it would be an incredibly useful feature. I'll still be printing our addresses :)
  • WOW... There are no rules/etiquette?   It's 2014 and world has changed.  I don't see your guests giving it a second thought.   If you want to print labels, print labels.  It's your wedding and your day.  
  • @amymattes, this thread was originally posted over three years ago and updated about a year ago.

    If you want to argue etiquette, why not comment on or start a current thread? 
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