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Almost Half Our Budget Saved

So, we'd love to not spend more than 10K for our wedding.  We're currently at 4K.  Do any of you feel like when it comes time to put thousands of dollars on a wedding, that you'll decide to just elope, go on an awesome honeymoon and save your money?  For us, being middle class, it's hard to save the money and I feel like it'll be even harder for me to let it go LOL

I was just wondering if I was the only one who thought or felt this way.

Re: Almost Half Our Budget Saved

  • I would not want to elope. I want our wedding to be a big party for our friends and family. Well, as big as we can afford lol. I'd love it to be huge just so I can invite everyone and not leave people out. But I do agree that the honeymoon should be a priority (as it lasts longer than just one day).

    Do your best to save as much money as possible by leaving unnecessary things out and DIY. Check the budget bride and DIY boards for ideas. That way you can put more money towards the honeymoon!
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  • Id make a list of things that are priority to you and work your way down to things that you'd like but don't need. Like Tori said, there are lots of ways to save money too. I got my silk flowers really cheap and no one can tell they are fake when I have them on my kitchen table. My centerpiece bowls I got on craigslist. Im doing a lot of DIY things as to save me some money. Also it helps that if you or your friends no ppl such as photographers, djs, or what not if thats a necessity to you. If you dont want an expensive photographer look for a college student trying to make a buck, Im sure they are good and will cost a lot less.


  • I understand your frustration completely. I think about eloping but I could never do it. There are sooo many ways to save money. One thing I'm doing is skipping the favors and the std's. Most people leave the favors at the reception and std's get thrown out when the invite comes. If you feel the need to send out std's for out of towners, just limit them. You don't need to send them to parents, wedding party, close fam & friends.

    Check craft stores and what not for great deals on things like toasting glasses, the guest book, ring pillow, etc. They always have sales and coupons. DIY isn't too hard and can be a lot of fun.

    Hope this helps!
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  • I can understand compleatly! My FI recently lost his job, and the unemployment rate here is so high it's terrifying, I'm in grad school and working full time for the university. Our parents have graciously offered to foot the compleate wedding bill (a very modest budget though) and I keep calling my mom and saying... "That's almost enough money to buy a compact car! What are we doing!?" I find that my dad is a great source of comfort telling me what is worth the money and what is not. I hope that you have someone to help you make those decisions and to reassure you that you are making the right decision for you two. Our rules for the reception are keep it small (75 or less guests), do as much as possiable ourselves and focus on food. Good luck!
  • Definitely thought about it in the beginning but couldn't imagine not having family and friends there with us to celebrate. To help ease the cost keep your eyes out for deals. Spend gradually so it doesn't seem so bad. Use living social and groupon did my save the dates for 28.00 and invites for 32.00 with vistaprint deals. Booked an engagement photo session and that's how we got our photographer. But look out for photography deals because some will include videography which is a huge expense. Dollar tree has a lot of cheap glass and decor for centerpieces and download Pinterest for great ideas. Wedding channel also has a daily deals page that helps. Good luck!
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